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Will Call Fuel Delivery Service

If you are checking your own fuel level and ordering on a “call in” or “will call” basis, we’ll do our very best to satisfy you. However, you may not be able to get fuel when you want it if our trucks are working in a different area that day. Also, if you run out and want fuel on a weekend, holiday or in the evening there would be an overtime delivery charge.

If you order your fuel on a “call in” basis, you must actually receive the number of gallons of fuel in the per-gallon price bracket (100, 200 or 400 gallons) in order to get the price benefit of that bracket; if you are on automatic delivery service, your price is based on your tank size no matter how many gallons you receive in any one delivery.

for the reasons listed above, we recommend automatic delivery service.

However “will call” delivery services does give you the benefit of complete control of your fuel purchases.

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