Serving Thurston & Mason Counties Since 1925

Why buying from Acme Fuel matters to your community

  • Acme Fuel Co. is the locally and family owned fuel company in the Olympia area, we have proudly served the residents of Thurston county since 1925!
  • When you buy local, your tax dollars stay local. That supports your community, schools, infrastructure, safety and much more!
  • When you buy from Acme you also support many local charities and organizations – St. Peter Hospital, South Puget Sound Community College, Community Youth Services, our local schools and community events like Capital Lakefair and the Procession of the Species, just to name a few of the organizations Acme helps support.

Why buying from Acme Fuel means quality and service

  • Acme offers a number of different filling schedules to fit your needs.
  • Our Automatic delivery is backed by a full guarantee against run outs, which means if you need an emergency delivery you can count on it happening same-day and we will even make sure to get your furnace and appliances running for you.
  • We use premium additives in your heating oil, this prevents gelling and produces a more clean and efficient burn.
  • Complete your coverage and sign up for a Furnace Service Contract. Through our partners at Capital Heating and Cooling, another third generation family owned business, we will keep your furnace running in tip top condition.

Why buying from Acme Fuel is smart money and time saving

  • No Delivery Fees! That means you pay for fuel plus sales tax and that is it, no hidden charges!
  • Acme Fuel refuses to participate in bait and switch or loss leader pricing. We practice fair pricing only! Our prices are broken down by tank size, so all customers, new or old, pay the same prices.
  • Since we practice only fair pricing you can rest assured that once you set up with us you will continue to get the same great service and pricing.
  • Because money matters, we offer an early pay discount. Save 5 cents per gallon when you pay your bill witihin 7 days! Want to insure you always get the discount? Set up with one of our easy auto-pay options.
  • In addition to auto-pay which you can set up via a debit/credit card or checking account, you can also pay through our website, over the phone, in office or through the mail.

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