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A tank replacement contract, which currently costs $79.95 per year, will pay parts and labor for removal and disposal of your old tank and installation of a new tank and piping in case your tank springs a leak.

Please note that the Acme tank contract does not pay for pollution cleanup. Pollution cleanup would be covered by PLIA, the state of Washington’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency.

If you have an Acme tank replacement contract and are registered with PLIA and your tank leaks, there is no charge whatsoever to you for tank removal, pollution cleanup and new tank installation. To purchase a tank replacement contract, you must be on automatic fuel delivery service from ACME FUEL.

Whether or not you have a tank contract or whether or not you even buy your fuel from Acme, you should definitely be registered with PLIA. It could save you literally thousands of dollars. Click on PLIA in the menu for more information.

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