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PLIA stands for the state of Washington’s Pollution Liability Insurance Agency. PLIA insures against pollution from leaking heating fuel tanks in the state of Washington. It will pay up to $60,000.00 in pollution cleanup costs for individual heating fuel tank leaks. PLIA is funded by a fee assessed on all the petroleum products, including heating oil, sold in the state.

However, even though you are paying for PLIA, your fuel tank will not be covered unless you are registered with PLIA before the leak occurs. The registration form is a simple one-page document. If you have a heating oil tank, you should register it with PLIA right away.

To register, call our office at 360-943-1133 and we’ll send you a PLIA form, call PLIA directly at 800-822-3905 or go to the PLIA website at


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