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Most gasoline sold in the United States has at least 10% ethanol in it and most of that ethanol is made from corn. This creates several problems.

For one, it takes a large food staple out of the food chain, thus driving up the prices in the grocery stores. Secondly, it takes more total energy to create ethanol than is saved burning the ethanol. Third, ethanol is very damaging to several types of engines; particularly small engines for yard work, older vehicles, boats, etc. And lastly, there is less energy content in ethanol than gasoline, thus all vehicles get lower fuel economy.

All this adds up to Acme’s commitment to providing non-ethanol gasoline! Our newly-remodeled Fast Fuel station in Downtown Olympia at 303 Thurston Ave. NE carries regular (87 octane), midgrade (89 octane) and premium (92 octane) non-ethanol gas.  Our Fast Fuel station at 505 Lilly Rd. NE, Olympia carries regular (87 octane) and premium (92 Octane) non-ethanol gas.

All of our gasoline is now officially certified Top Tier that improves the quality of your gas and help keep fuel injectors clean!

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