Serving Thurston & Mason Counties Since 1925



Providing propane, heating oil, gasoline, diesel, and non-ethanol gas.

Locally owned and family owned since 1925.

By buying local you:

1. Support individuals and families in our local community
2. Keep tax dollars here
3. Keep wages here that go back into the local economy
4. Allow us to give to charities and organizations here in Thurston County

Besides all of the above benefits, as a local company, we are committed wholeheartedly to providing our customers with the best service possible. Since we only deal locally, we have more “skin in the game”. Thus, we want to ensure that you, our valued customers, are taken care of.

During the recent snow and ice storm, we did just that. We worked tirelessly to keep not only homes with fuel, but we supplied fuel to St. Peter Hospital, the City of Olympia pump stations for water service, the LOTT Sewer plant so their pumps could keep waste flowing, fuel to various local hardware and grocery stores so they could in turn stay open to serve you. We even provided propane to the camps for the electrical workers – so they could have heat and warm cooked food when they had a break from the difficult work.

We even opened up on Saturday so people could come in and fill their small propane tanks as we were one of the only, if not the only, place that had both propane and power. We feel very strongly that it is our duty to be here for our community, and times like the recent storms allow us to prove that.

Thank you for your business!

Your Friends at The Acme Service Group

Since 1925!

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